Oscilloscope Probe Holders / Positioners – Made in USA

How’s it used? Watch the short demo video below:

Smooth and stable, probe IC pins directly!

Model 35 Probe Holder

Tired of holding your scope probe in one hand while adjusting the oscilloscope controls with the other?  Sick of soldering short little test wires onto circuit boards just to be frustrated by bent, worn out, or melted probe tips hooks?  Interested in utilizing those other channels on your scope without undue setup time?  Free up your hands with the EEtackle oscilloscope probe holder!

The EEtackle scope probe holder enables you to quickly and accurately position a probe on a circuit board and lock it in place.  Freeing your hands for other tasks.  The key is the smooth operating and easily locked ball joint near the clamp head.  Plant the base of the holder on the bench with one hand while holding the scope probe in the other.  Unlock the ball joint using the large thumb screw and position the probe exactly where needed.  A quick twist of the thumb screw locks the ball joint in place.  The weight of the holder combined with the three-point contact keeps it there.

Accommodates probe diameters from 0.25″ to 0.5″ (6mm to 12mm).  Constructed of powder coated steel, stainless steel, and aluminum.  Triangular base measures 3″ (76mm) tall.  Round body is 5″ (127mm) long.  Overall length of 7″ (178mm). Weight 10.5oz (300g). Made in USA.

“I just tried it for the first time and it’s magnificent! No more Mr. shaky hands while trying to read the screen.”

Bill S.

Featured on EEVblog Mailbag 1569!