Hello, I’m Ned, an Electrical Engineer and electronics hobbyist.  My other interests include ham radio, homebuilt aircraft, making stuff in general, and hanging around in my shop.  I’m currently building a Pietenpol Air Camper.

I designed the EEtackle oscilloscope probe holder out of frustration with probing printed circuit boards. I was tired of soldering short little wires onto PCBs, just to be frustrated by bent, worn-out, or melted probe tip hooks. I wanted a tool to position a probe quickly and accurately on a PCB and have it stay in place, hands free.

My first prototype was inspired by the ball studs that are used as hinge points on gas strut systems, like you’d find on toolbox lids.  They look like tiny trailer hitch balls.  It worked ok, but it wasn’t smooth enough for my liking.

I switched out the ball stud for a stainless steel ball bearing.  I made up a few prototype probe holders and passed them out at work.  The positive feedback I received inspired me to offer them for sale.

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